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2023 Boat Parade Map.png
Boat Light Parade.jpg
Saturday, August 5, 2023
8-9:00 pm
Jointly sponsored by:

Keoka Beach Campground (KBC)
the Keoka Lake Association (KLA)

Checkout photos of previous parades:

Printable Documents:

Parade Information

Route Map

Boat Decorating Tips

Please join us for the First Annual Keoka Lake Lighted Boat Parade!  We hope you will participate as a boater or spectator in this celebration of lights to bring joy to everyone on Keoka Lake.  It is being organized by Bill Robichaud, a lifetime camper at KBC and a member of the KLA Board of Directors.



Eligibility:  Anyone who has a boat on Keoka or can put one in is welcome to participate.  (Boat owners from other lakes should check their boats and remove any plant material before putting in).

It’s a parade!  All the boats will gather, form up in a parade and then circumnavigate Keoka on a counterclockwise course.  If you are not on a boat, please come out to the shore and enjoy the show.

Decorate and light your boat.  It’s a Lighted Boat Parade:  Be creative, Google boat parade ideas.  Go with whatever theme you like (Margaritaville, Gilligan’s Island, Toy Story, Disco 70s, Christmas, Halloween, etc.)  See the Boat Decorating Tips.

Decorate and light your DOCK!  It’s a Lighted Boat Parade but after two docks decorated for us boaters (both were so cool), we are now making that prize eligible!   So light those docks!!!!  As in boats, be creative.  Go with whatever theme you like (Margaritaville, Gilligan’s Island, Toy Story, Disco 70s, Christmas, Halloween, etc.) See the Boat Parade Decorating Tips and apply them to your dock.

Do I have to decorate?   No.  If you prefer to parade with just your running lights, we would love to have you.  But you won’t be eligible for the prizes.

Prizes:  There will be four prizes generously donated by KBC and KLA in the form of gas at the Keoka Beach gas dock:

  • First place:  $150 in gas

  • Second place:  $100 in gas

  • Third place:  $50 in gas

  • Last place (THE WORST DECORATED BOAT!):  $25 in gas at the Keoka Beach gas dock. 

  • Best dock:  $75 in gas, food, beverage, or merchandise at The Store at Keoka Beach Campground

The electric boat “To The Point," any sail boats, and any other non-power vessels that are awarded a prize will receive equal cash value of food, beverage, or merchandise at The Store at Keoka Beach Campground. 

Winners will be announced at the end of the event and posted by KBC on the Keoka Seasonal Facebook page and by KLA on the website.   Prizes will be on file at The Store at Keoka Beach Campground for your convenient use.

Parade Logistics:
  • Gathering point:  Off of Starbird Point (see the course map) - Arrive between 7:45 pm and 8 pm.

  • Start:  The parade will start heading around the lake when everyone has lined up.  Lead boat will announce the start at approximately 8:00 pm.  Sunset is at 8:02 pm.  The entire parade will be a light parade.

  • Registration: Please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page.  Everyone is welcome to participate but only registered boats will be eligible for the prizes.

  • Display your Number:  Once your registration is received, you will be assigned a number.  Please display your number on the STARBOARD side, midship for the judges.  Your number does not have to be incorporated into your design but should be easily seen by the judges. 

Please note, this number is for judging reference only and does not apply to your place in line during the parade.

  • Judging station:  It will be on the Keoka Beach Campground gas dock.  Judges will be from KBC and KLA.

  • The course:   Please follow behind the lead boat.  The course is counterclockwise from the starting point.  It will proceed East along Keoka Beach Campground continuing up around Rocky Point into Stone’s Cove then proceed North up to Starbird Point, continuing West to the town beach and finally South past Kokosing ending at Stan’s Boathouse.  See the course map.  The goal is to have the last boat reach the Town Beach/Boat Landing by 9:00 pm.

  • Post Parade rendezvous:  Keoka Beach Campground has offered to have a post parade celebration.  The swim area ropes will be removed for beach parking access along with parking on the KBC Gas Dock. Once there, boaters will vote for best dock, then all winners will be announced, music and celebration will commence.  KLA will be selling the first, of which will be an annual, Keoka Boat Parade T-shirts!!!  This is sure to be a fun summer collectible, the 2023 Keoka Lighted Boat Parade.  If you would like to order a shirt please fill out the registration form below.  If you are not entering but want a shirt just put "Shirt Only" on the boat name line.

  • Cancellation:  If cancelled, the announcement of cancellation will be posted on the KBC Keoka Seasonal Facebook page and on the KLA website.  You can also call/text Bill Robichaud for an update at 781-789-4974.  There is no rain date for this event.


Safety Requirements:
  • All participants should comply with inland waterways Rules of the Road.

  • Necessary navigation lighting requirements and safety precautions are recommended.

  • Headway speed during parade (approximately 5 knots.)

  • Stay in the parade line.  Do not weave.  Maintain safe distance from other vessels.

  • Be aware of extremely shallow waters close to shore and random rock outcroppings in some parts of the lake.   If you are not familiar with an area, stay well offshore and follow the lead boat.

  • We will have lighted markers at various swim platforms around the lake.   Please keep those swim platforms between you and the shore.

  • There will be several boats anchored with their running lights in areas that may be of concern to boaters less familiar with operating on the lake at night . 

Disabled Vessels & Emergencies:
  • If you have a problem and must leave the parade, turn off your decorating lights and pull out of the parade line.

  • If decorating lights fail, you can pull out of the parade line and re-enter when fixed.

Questions?  Contact Bill Robichaud 781-789-4974

T-shirts are available for $25


Please register for the Keoka Lake Lighted Boat Parade.

Saturday, August 5, 202

Join in the parade at the gathering point off Stan's Boathouse between 7:45 & 8:00 pm.  (See above for route map.)

You will be contacted with your registration number after we receive this form.

Please note, there will be no rain date for this event.

Questions? E-Mail:

Thanks for registering!
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