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2023 Keoka Lighted Boat Parade

The judges  were Rich Orr (Keoka Lake Association) and Chris Searles (Keoka Beach Campground).  The quality of competition was excellent which made the judging difficult,  Nevertheless,  our unanimous conclusion was:

  • 1st Place -- Yoda's First Christmas.   Charlie Tarbel

  • 2nd Place -- Keoka Strikes Back (Star Wars)  Nicole Agganis

  • 3rd Place -- Horse and Wagon  Kurt Hilarides

  • Best Small Boat -- Patty Tingley

  • Best Dock -- The Eaton's of Starbird Point

The judges decided that the contest for "worst boat" was too competitive,   It was impossible to identify a winning loser.  So exercising our authority as judges we decided to award the fourth prize to the Best Small Boat,   The winner was "Barbie Dream Car" - Pati Tingley

The boaters voted on best dock decorations and awarded that prize to Starbird Point.

Finally, at the award ceremony, the boaters reported that there was an excellent turnout on the docks and beaches around the lake,  Estimates of the total number of people watching from the shore ran as high as 100 people or more,  So the event touched many more people than the participants.

Thank you all for participating and making this event a success,   Looking forward to an even bigger and better THIRD lighted boat parade in 2024!!

2023 Boat Parade 5.jpg

Yoda's First Christmas

Team Tarbell secured first place with a boat loaded with the holiday spirit.  They won a $150 gift certificate to the KBC gas dock.


Barbie's Dream Car

Patty Tingley went all in on her Barbie car as she drove around the lake.  Where is Ken?


Hurray for the Red, White & Blue!

Scott and Tanda Butts displayed their spirit of America with their boat featuring Uncle Sam and the Eagle.


Kokosing Lights Up

The Kokosing gang came out in force to cheer on the parade boats.


Schaefer's Dock

Tom and Mole's dock lit up the night - including a decorated kayak on the raft!

2023 Cutler Boat.jpg


The Cutler clan was out in force.  Lovely lake birds!


Keoka Strikes Back

Nicole Agganis' boat featured light saber battles and Darth Vader.  She won a $100 gift certificate to the KBC gas dock.

2023 Boat Parade 2.jpg

Claire Stock Continues

Jon and Claire Pendergast continued the legend of ClaireStock 2023.


Team Loon or Team Eagle

Jim and Dianne Flynn's boat celebrated both of Keoka's feathered families.

IMG_3608 (1).jpg

Shark Attack!

These islanders are under siege from shark!


Stone's Cove Dock

Krishna Johnson's dock lit up the cove.


Last Year's Tarbell Entry


Horse and Wagon_edited.jpg

Horse & Wagon

Kurt Hilarides' placed for the second year in a row.  Kurt's boat is electric so he will get $50 merchandise gift certificate to The Store at KBC.  

Starbird Point 3.jpg

Decked Out Dock

The Eaton's showed off their decorating skills and wowed everyone with their display on Starbird Point.


Keoka Pearl

Bill Robichaud and his merry band of pirates were scouring Keoka for treasure.

2023 Boat Parade 9.jpg

Keoka Lake Monster

Brenda Hambleton and Mick Bosowski say that the monster slipped into the water this year - watch out for tentacles as you go around the lake....


The Love Boat - Last Year

Darren and Michelle Prince

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