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Plant patrollers are the "Early Detection" part of the fight against milfoil.  Lake users know when something abnormal shows up. Arne Keplinger has organized a group of volunteers who inspect the flora and fauna in a defined piece of the shoreline (usually in front of their properties).  He needs your help!  Keoka has been divided into sections for monitoring.  The 2019 Plant Patrol sections are shown below.  Training and reference materials are provided.  Please contact Arne Klepinger if you are interested in learning more.

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Invasive Plant Patrol

The Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP) program promotes prevention, early detection and rapid response at the local level by providing training, educational materials, resources and technical support to groups and individuals.  IPP Workshops teach participants how to recognize the invasive aquatic plants on Maine’s “eleven most unwanted” list, and to distinguish these invaders from their native Maine look-alikes.   Read more...


Keoka has been divided into sections for plant patrol.  You can download the map here.

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Early detection is key to quickly stopping an invasion.  Educate yourself and patrol your shoreline.

  • Printable Plant Identification Sheets are available.  Laminate them and keep them on your dock or in your boat.

  • Review the Invasive Plant Patroller's Handbook.  It has all the latest information, new resources, and the year’s updated forms for submitting plant or organism specimens, conducting a survey, or becoming a certified monitor.

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