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2022 Keoka Lighted Boat Parade

What a great new tradition for Keoka Lake!  Lake lovers from the town, Keoka Beach Campground (KBC), and Keoka Lake Association (KLA) joined together to celebrate a wonderful summer season by decorating boats and docks for the first annual lighted boat parade.  Competition was fierce with decorations that included not only lights but inflatables, fog machines, fire hoses, and even tiki torches.  Sound effects ranged from sirens and stereos to live banjo music.  There were motor boats, pontoons, wooden boats, electric boats, and even a kayak!

Bill Robichaud, event organizer, lined up the boat's by the Mason Dam and led them passed the judging station in his wooden boat.  Judges Kanter Searles (KBC ownership family member) and Richard Orr (KLA President) were faced with a difficult task as the boats passed by the KBC dock around 7:00 pm.

The boats circumnavigated Keoka.  People on the boats were thrilled to see the turn out of spectators around the lake on docks and beaches cheering them on.  Some families had even decorated their docks for the event.  Around 8:00 pm the boats gathered back at the KBC dock to hear the announcement of winners.

  • First Place:  Arthur Williams' boat decorated as the fire truck with a siren and fire hose.  He won $150 in gas from the KBC gas dock.

  • Second Place:  Bill Stockwell's boat decorated with a dragon that blew smoke.  He won $100 in gas from the KBC gas dock.

  • Third Place:  Kurt Hllarides' boat had him serenading his love on banjo in a small launch.  His boat is electric so he received a $50 in food, wine, beer, etc. from the The Store at KBC.

  • Last but not least, well maybe least, is Nick  and Doreen Archer's boat.  They had some electrical issues.  He got $25 in gas from the KBC gas dock.

The post-race buzz was all very positive.  Many families have already begun planning for next year.  This was an event that brought everyone together for a night of fun and appreciation of our beautiful lake and its community.


Fire Truck

Arthur Williams secured first place with his  boat decorated as a fire truck with a siren and fire hose.  He won a $150 gift certificate to the KBC gas dock.


Island Get Away

Nick and Doreen Archer's boat had some electrical challenges.  They got last place and a KBC gas certificate for $25.


Pirates of Keoka

Lisa Eaton


Shark Attack!

Gretchen Tabor Heath and Andrew Heath


Stick Figure

Patty Tingley was the only entrant without a motor.  Both Patty and her kayak were fully decorated.


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Paul McIrney's boat had Christmas coming early to Keoka.


Dragon's Breath

Bill and Sara Stockwell's boat decorated amazed spectators with its fire-breathing dragon.  Bill won a $100 gift certificate to the KBC gas dock.





Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Zack Conley


Jurassic Keoka

Tom Stockwell


Hooray for the Red, White & Blue

Jim & Diane Flynn decked their boat out in patriotic colors.


Unicorn Kisses



Sweet Serenade

Kurt Hilarides' boat had Kurt serenading his love while playing the banjo in a small launch to secure third place.  Kurt's boat is electric so he will get $50 merchandise gift certificate to The Store at KBC.


Phantom of Keoka

Priscilla Lovely


Happy Halloween!

Scott and Tanda Butts


Keoka Lake Monster

Brenda Hambleton and Mick Bosowski


The Love Boat

Darren and Michelle Prince

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