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Developed and pioneered by Peter Lowell, founding director of  Lakes Environmental Association (LEA), the Courtesy Boat Inspection program utilizes paid and/or volunteer CBIs to inspect boats entering and leaving Maine lakes in an attempt to halt the spread of invasives.  The CBI program is voluntary but seeks to educate recreational boaters and fishermen to the dangers of invasives being introduced into Maine's lakes and rivers. The goal is to encourage voluntary self-inspection of boats entering and leaving Maine waters.

Courtesy Boat Inspectors do the following: 

  • Discuss with boaters how invasive aquatic species (IAS) spread, and promote the message Clean, Drain, Dry 

  • Show boaters how to inspect boats and equipment for plant fragments and zebra/quagga mussels

  • Ask boaters to drain bilge and live wells to reduce the spread of small-bodied animals like mussels and spiny water fleas

  • Ask boaters to dry boats and equipment between lakes if possible

  • Urge boaters to inspect their boats and trailers before and after every launch

  • Explain to boaters the Maine law (and penalities) for transporting invasive aquatic species (IAS)

  • Distribute the map of known invasive aquatic plant infestations in Maine

KLA membership dues and donations, as well as the "milfoil sticker" fees, help support this program.

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Learn how to inspect your boat like a CBI.  This handbook is updated annually by the state and available on the LEA website To view or download the handbook PDF click here.

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The comprehensive approach to
spread prevention is to clean the boat and gear, drain water from the boat and motor, and dry the boat and equipment between use at different lakes.  Get a printable checklist here.

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Funding for education, prevention, eradication, and enforcement comes from the sale of stickers required
for motorized boats used on inland waters.  Find out where to get them here.

2021 Maine Infested Lakes Map from LEA.png
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