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LakeSmart is an education and reward program offered by Maine Lakes to lake associations throughout Maine. It helps lakefront homeowners manage landscapes in ways that protect water quality.  KLA launched our LakeSmart initiative in 2011 and rebooted our efforts in 2020 with a new team of trained volunteers.  KLA has a goal of at least 30% participation of Keoka Lake's property owners. 

As Maine Lakes notes, “It’s hard to believe that one person’s expansive lawn or eroding camp road could be a threat to something as large and enduring as a lake. But when added to a shoreline full of similar sites, it can. All stormwater that gets into a lake carries nutrients. Over time, the cumulative impact can be thousands of pounds of pollutants. The result, ‘death by a thousand cuts,’ means algae blooms, fish kills, and the loss of water clarity and spawning habitat.”  

Keoka homeowners who want to learn about protecting the lake may contact our KLA LakeSmart team coordinator Ginger Eaton. A visit will be scheduled, and an evaluation conducted of various aspects of the property. The team will make suggestions based on the excellent training and education materials provided by Maine Lakes, which are enhanced every year. Remember, this is a free, voluntary, and non-regulatory program. And while it’s exciting to receive and proudly display the official “Lake Smart” award, most important is that the program provides education and best practices in support of a clear and healthy lake. There is no downside in having an evaluation!


David Abbiati

Mick Bosowski & Brenda Hambleton

Jim & Diane Flynn

Chester Howard & Family

John & Charlotte Huffman

Dan & Rosmarie Johnson

Wilma Johnson

Arne & Hannah Klepinger


Mark, Carlene & Patricia Lenassi

Chip & Beth Mason

Richard Orr & Cindy Courtney

Denny & Ginnie Raymond

Jim & Heidi Schellenger

Tom & Mole Schaeffer

Alan & Kathy Sousa

Bill & Sara Stockwell

Tom & Sue Stockwell

Kim Struck

Andy & Liz Tabor

Charlie & Antionette Tarbell

Dan & Pricilla Treadwell

Betsy Whitfield

Barry & Ann Wickersham


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Maine Lakes is a non-profit organization that provides a clear voice for protection precious freshwater resources and wildlife habitat.  They support everyone who values and benefits from clean water and healthy lakes in Maine, including lake residents, lake associations, surrounding communities, vacationers and the next generation of lake stewards.  Read more ...

LakeSmart Recipients.jpg

Mark, Patricia, and Carlene Lenassi

The Lenassi family have been coming from Virginia to their properties on Keoka since 1980. Carlene and Mark share lake frontage on a charming cove with Mark’s mom, Patricia, who lives next door. 

LakeSmart 2.jpeg

Charlotte & John Huffman

Charlotte and John Huffman own an historic property on Kedarburn Brook, and an undeveloped parcel close to the lake on Route 37 in Waterford.  The LakeSmart evaluation of the parcel included help by the team to create a riprap system to stabilize water runoff. 

New LakeSmart with Background.png


The LakeSmart program helps shoreowners and owners in the watershed reduce their negative impact on the lake.  Learn about building a better buffer, choosing lakeshore plants, downsizing your lawn, and other erosion prevention tips in MaineLakes just-published “Lake Book."

2020 LakeSmart Award 1.jpg

Jim & Heidi Schellenger

Jim and Heidi Schellenger have owned this classic 1970s A-frame since 2011 and have taken great care to mitigate erosion and improve their property. They and their son enjoy long stretches of time at the lake in summer.

LakeSmart 1.jpeg

Mick Bosowski & Brenda Hambleton

Brenda Hambledon and Mick Bosowski bought their Winding Trail year-round house in 1999, and over the years have worked to make lake-friendly improvements to the property. The come up as much as they can, as life allows.

New LakeSmart with Background.png

KLA LakeSmart Team

Ginger Eaton and Doss Hammett Hasson, form Keoka's LakeSmart team.  They are happy to walk your property and provide information on what you can do to reduce erosion, manage runoff, and eliminate pollutants.  To schedule, contact any member of the team.

LakeSmart - Struck.jpg

Kim Struck

This seasonal lakefront A-frame and property owned by Kimberly Struck was built in 1969.  It is a home away from home for the Struck family, who have only to travel from Waterford Flat to enjoy all the lake activities.

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