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JoAnne Eaton

Richard Orr, President 2021-22

Ginny Raymond

Andy Tabor

Charlie Tarbell

Melissa Tarbell


Joe Abiatti

Ginger Eaton

Jim Flynn

Tom Hammett

Bill Robichaud

Dan Treadwell, Treasurer 2021-2022


Arne Klepinger

Brenda Hambleton, Vice President 2021-22

David Johnson

Jo Lynne Johnson, Secretary 2021-22

Al Struck

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Dan Treadwell


I married into Keoka lake.  The first time I saw Keoka, or Maine for that matter, was on my honeymoon in 1982.  My wife’s (Priscilla Orr Treadwell’s) family had owned a small piece of land on Keoka since the 1950s and put up an L.C. Andrews pre-fab log cabin in 1968.  As Priscilla and I pulled down the driveway into the camp on our honeymoon trip, I couldn’t believe my eyes and felt (as I have ever since) that I’d come home.

As the story goes for many of us with property on the lake, the camp came down through the family and we’ve worked hard to maintain and improve our spot for many years.  Now that we’re retired, we feel that it’s time to give back to the lake and our community as well.  I serve on the Board as Treasurer and Priscilla contributes on many levels including the KLA newsletter and with the Lake Smart program.  We’re grateful for our irreplaceable spot on this beautiful lake.

In my business career I held several roles with a financial focus – starting as a bank teller during my college years, and eventually evolving into CFO roles for three employers before beginning my own management consulting firm.  I feel fortunate to be able to use my skills in support of the Keoka Lake Association.

Al Struck

Sailing Regatta & "Dam Guy"

As a couple, my wife Jean and I have been coming to Keoka since 1969. We have lived permanently in Waterford since 2005 at the “Keder Brook Cottage” on the corner of 35 and 37 next to the brook where the Duck Race Ends on the 4th of July.

My wife and I  helped build the “A” frame on Amy Trail the same year we came up here for our Honeymoon,1969. 

I came to sailing in my 30’s and have been hooked ever since.  I initiated the “Bud Lazott Memorial Regatta”, to honor one of the founders of the Keoka Regatta, seven years ago.  This year we inaugurated the KLA Camp Cup to encourage young sailors to come out and enjoy the thrill of moving over water only using the wind and your wits.

(207) 583-4417

Chip Mason

Former Treasurer

We have owned our cabin at 91 Woodland Trail for 20 years.  We came to Waterford to visit my sister-in-law, Meg Wheeler.  We finally found a place on the lake in 1999.

(207) 583-8286 or (207) 219-8309

Charlie Tarbell


My family roots in Keoka and this area run deep.  In the late 1700’s my ancestor Eli Longley established an Inn in Waterford,  In the 1800s my grandfather bought a hardware business in Norway  and named it “LM Longley & Son”.  In the mid 1900’s my parents bought land on the north shore of Keoka and later put up a camp.  My wife, Cindy Courtney, and I have been coming here together since the 1970’s.  In 2008 we bought the camp next door from Marion Morse.  Our two adult children and three grandchildren join us when they can.

I retired in 2019 from the University of Connecticut where I had been Vice President and General Counse.  Prior to that I was in private practice doing commercial litigation with a national firm in Washington DC and later with a regional firm in Connecticut. I was also General Counsel of an Architecture and Engineering firm.    My professional public service has included prosecuting street crime in Washington DC, prosecuting corrupt  public officials for the US Department of Justice and serving as counsel to the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Connecticut.


In addition to KLA, I am on the Board of Connecticut Legal Services and previously was on the Board of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in Connecticut

We spend the entire summer on Keoka.


Our winter home is in Hartford CT, but we are in Waterford frequently in the winter for down hill and cross country skiing and other outdoor activities.

Kim Struck

Stream Survey

My grandparents, the Bucherts (mom's parents) have a cabin on the lake which I inherited 10 years ago. I grew up in Waterford every summer and school vacation plus whenever I could convince mom to meet grandma half way. I traveled and went to school out of state but always landed home here in Waterford.

I'm an outdoors woman, I have a close knit group of friends and spend my summers visiting porches in town. I have a dog Henri who won't stay out of the brook, I lead the 4th of July parade every year and break ranks to hug people while marching down main street!

(207) 272-9557

Andy Tabor

Water Safety Chairman & Dam Engineer

We purchased our first Waterford property (Map22, Lot10, now 95 Woodland Trail) in 1965, had a large Army tent on a platform in 1966, and then built our cottage in 1967.  We subsequently added property behind us (Map22, Lot11) reaching back to Passaconaway Road, and then the lot to the east (Map22, Lot4).  In 1965/66, we also became a member family of the Stone’s Cove Beach Association (Map22, Lot1).  My father, Jim, was a founding member of both KLA & LEA.  I have served on the KLA board since his “retirement” from it.  I share ownership of our Keoka properties with my sister, Gretchen Tabor Heath.

(207) 838-9909

Tom Stockwell


I was raised in Winchester, MA, and spent most summers in Waterford ME at Keoka Lake.  I attended the University of Miami (Florida), graduating with a BA in Marketing and spent two years in sales with Unijax (commercial paper distributor), living in Coconut Grove, FL.  In 1972 I moved to Maine permanently, living first in Waterford enjoying Keoka Lake to its fullest including fishing, making maple syrup, skating, pond hockey, wildflower photography, candle-making and foraging for mushrooms.  


I then moved to South Bridgton in 1977 to take the position as Director of Recreation in Bridgton, and Advertising Manager for Bittersweet Magazine. In the early eighties I was a manufacturers rep selling “information processing” supplies and software.  From 1986 thru 2013 I was a partner at Stockwell Associates, a marketing, research and consulting firm, specializing in the office products industry and later due diligence for investment firms of many diverse industries.  I also composed and published the OP industry white paper, The Stockwell Report, for 25 years.  


Most recently I have retired and have been doing exterior and interior painting and restoration.  My spouse, Susan, now retired, formerly taught choral music in Poland ME. We have two children (Benjamin living in Scarborough, ME) and Gwen (in Conway, Arkansas) and 4 grandchildren. 


I was President of the Keoka Lake Association in Waterford from 1996 – 2003, and was on the LEA Board from 1998 - 2018, serving a term as vice president, and chairman of many committees such as Human Resources, Governance and Nominating.  I love fishing, ice hockey, XC skiing, photography, pickleball, gardening, and grand-parenting. 

(207) 650-4528

Charlie Tarbell

Former President, 2002-2021

I grew up, summers, on Keoka Lake in Waterford. I received a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I also earned a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. After a 30 year career in economic consulting, strategic planning, and corporate finance in Boston, Portland, Maine and San Francisco, I again live on Keoka Lake. I spent 25 years volunteering for the Maine Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, serving twice as Board Chair. I have been President of the Keoka Lake Association for 15 years, serve on the Waterford Planning Board, volunteer for the Waterford Library and the Alan Day Community Garden in Norway.

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Ginny Cutler Raymond


I grew up swimming in Keoka, primarily Town Beach and School House Beach until about 1952 when my parents bought property on the South side of Keoka where we now have a cabin.  I have always thought that no other lake was a wonderful as Keoka.  My thoughts today have not altered!  Love Keoka!

My family history goes back to the Revolutionary war, as my forbearer was given a Waterford land-grant for fighting in that war 
My mother, Virginia Tyler, was born in the Library building, and my grandmother grew up on the Millett farm on Plummer Hill. Having lived in the Library apartment, and the apartment above Round’s store, in 1949 my grandparents (Urban and Blanch Tyler) bought the farm on Kedar Brook, now called One Ministers Hill, at the corner of RTs 35 and 37.  It is our present home.

My Dad (Chapin Cutler) worked for Bell Labs, and was in a position that he was able to bring his work to Waterford as we vacationed at my grandparent’s farm.  My Dad was active in KLA and served as President.


We were here a lot!  I told people that I lived in Waterford but went to school in New Jersey.  As proof of my residency, I have a school picture in the town history book the year my traveled to Europe.

We also own the property (mentioned above) on the south side of Keoka, once called Little Marshmallow Beach.  It is the second beach east of the KBCG and is known for the large rock that sits near the beach edge.  It’s our little piece of heaven.

Contact me through KLA or Facebook

Ginger Eaton


Like so many others, I foster a lifelong love and commitment to Keoka Lake. By good fortune, my grandmother first came to Waterford in 1914. In the 1950’s my Grandparents purchased a Keoka lakefront property which, over the years has continued to grow in acreage and occupancy. In 1971 my mother, Martha (Stockwell) Eaton became one of the founding KLA Board members, and served as treasurer for 19 years. KLA hosts an annual education event with the goal of reaching out to our community; young and old, newcomers and longtime residents in our efforts to inform, educate and help protect Keoka Lake along with its wildlife residents for all the years to come. Recently, our events have been held at various Waterford locations including Town Beach, Keoka Beach Campground and Good Health is a Habit Fitness Studio. 

During the winter months, I teach Visual and Media Arts for the Ipswich, Massachusetts Public School System. In my 20 year career I have taught many Interdisciplinary/STEAM projects that continue to benefit my work as KLA Education Liaison

(978) 804-3539

Brenda Hambleton

Vice President & Communications

I grew up in Maine.  My parents moved to NH after I left for college.  We bought our place at 6 Winding Trail in 1998 and it smelled like home.  For many years we came up mostly on summer weekends arriving late Friday night and leaving Sunday.  Our four kids spent hours bouncing on the trampoline and kayaking around the lake.  We did not meet many people during the years we were busy with the kids.


Now that we are retired we spend as much time as we can in the summer and come up all year round.  Our four, grown children are now enjoying coming up with their friends.  They still bounce on the trampoline and kayak around the lake.  We cruise around slowly in our 1971 Boston Whaler.

Our discovery of the interesting people in Waterford has been one of the joys of our retirement.  Keoka not only smells like home; it now feels like home.

(860) 729-2218