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KLA was found in 1971 by a group of year-round and summer residents who were concerned about:

  • Protecting the water quality of Keoka Lake,

  • Rebuilding the dam to maintain the water level throughout the summer,

  • Conducting regular water testing, and

  • Developing the early foundations for educational and environmental work.

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KLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer organization committed to maintaining the health and safety of Keoka Lake by educating its membership about environmental threats, environmentally conscious and proactive best practices, and safe boating practices to protect those who enjoy its waters. 


Courtesy Boat Inspections (CBIs):  A program that utilizes paid or volunteers to inspect boats entering and leaving Maine lakes to halt the spread of invasive species.

LakeSmart:  A program that offers free opportunities for homeowners to learn how to manage lakeside properties to protect water quality.  

Education:  Programs focusing on Keoka Lake, its watershed, and its environs. 

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Member dues, donations, memorials and merchandise sales support KLA.  Additionally, the Town of Waterford and the Maine DEP assist KLA’s CBI program through allocations and grants. 


The majority of KLA's funds are invested with the Maine Community Foundation (MaineCF), a philantropic non-profit based in Portland, that manages a diversified investment portfolio with assets in excess of $530 million.