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Memories of Black Ice

This is not Keoka - I could not find black ice pictures of our lake.

I was using the nice fall weather to clean our our garage. Up on a top shelf I found a box of our skates from our first winter on Keoka. We bought our place in late August so we only had a little summer to enjoy. We brought all four kids up later that year and woke up to find beautiful, black ice on the lake. After stops at many stores to find skates for all six of us, we were out on the lake playing hockey and doing our best imitation of Olympic figure skaters. Pucks that were hit flew across the ice to the other side of the lake. The ice made ominous, cracking sounds as we skated.

We spent many hours on the lake that weekend. We told our kids how rare black ice is. They wanted to go up and do it again the following weekend but, alas, it snowed during the week and the beautiful skating rink was now covered. We have never had a weekend quite like that one. It is one of the memories I will be sharing in my Shoreowner's Questionnaire, part of the Keoka Lake Association 50th anniversary project.

Sadly, most of the skates in that box no longer fit people in the family. If we get another black ice opportunity we will have to get new skates!

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