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50th Anniversary Project

Keoka Lake Association will be 50 years old in 2021.  Begun in 1971 by an intrepid group of volunteers who were concerned about the dam being able to moderate the level of the lake to keep Keoka clean and healthy, KLA has grown to an organization that continues their activism to maintain the clarity and health of the lake.  The evolution of the organization in the past 50 years includes monitoring, surveying and testing a number of hot spots around the lake, collaborating with the town of Waterford and the State of Maine DEP to mitigate run-off issues along Hwy 35, construction of a new boat launch area and introducing a variety of proactive programs, including Courtesy Boat Inspections, Plant Patrols, LakeSmart and a host of public Education programs.  From its meager beginnings, KLA now boasts the highest percentage of shoreowner memberships (80+%) of any lake in the LEA (Lakes Environmental Association) coverage area.  KLA is a ‘poster child’ for involvement and support from the lake community and the Waterford community at large.


KLA’s 50th anniversary is a milestone to celebrate – and celebrate we will!  There are many aspects of the tributes to this auspicious occasion, including:


  • THE KLA BOOK – this book will contain the history of Keoka Lake and stories of the people and properties that have made it special.  An ongoing project since 2019, property owners have been asked to submit either the Shoreowner’s Questionnaire or a narrative story (and pictures) to be part of this publication.  The deadline for submissions is Thanksgiving, 2020 as publication is set for early in 2021.  If you wish to submit information for the book, please email it to kla50.2021@gmail.com or mail it to:   KLA-KLA50 book, P.O. Box 97, Waterford, ME 04088.  The book will be for sale throughout 2021.

  • KLA50 HISTORICAL SOCIETY EXHIBIT – Set for the Waterford Historical Society during the summer of 2021, this exhibit will highlight the history of KLA and Waterford during the years 1971-2021.  Nancy Marcotte, at the WHS, is looking for any information, pictures, artifacts, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, etc. that might be loaned to the WHS for the summer of 2021.  An alternative is to scan material and email it to kla50.2021@gmail.com.  This promises to be a great retrospective of 50 years of growth and change.

  • KLA50 QUILT RAFFLE – The KLA50 Anniversary Committee is raffling off a queen-sized quilt “Windows on Keoka, Seasons of the Lake”.  Tickets are $10 each; 2 for $15; 6 for $40; 8 for $50 and 20 for $100.  The winning ticket will be drawn at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

  • KLA50 ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION – Certainly a 50th anniversary deserves a party and so we will gather to celebrate KLA’s 50th anniversary in the Eaton Meadow on the afternoon of the Annual Meeting.  Currently scheduled for July 10, 2021, COVID protocols may necessitate a postponement to 2022.  That decision will be made by the Anniversary Celebration Committee by early March, 2021.  Stay tuned to this site for an update!

  • KLA50 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN – Over the past 50 years, KLA has been proactive and diligent in keeping Keoka Lake clean, clear and healthy.  Envisioned as a three-legged stool to prevent a milfoil infestation, the Prevention (Courtesy Boat Inspection) and Detection (Plant Patrol) pieces are well entrenched.  The Eradication leg of the stool is the funding piece to put divers in the water ASAP should milfoil be detected in Keoka.  To date, the Milfoil Reserve has been dependent on donations by KLA members. 


Begun in 2019, the KLA50Capital Campaign addresses the fact that the Milfoil Reserve fund was woefully inadequate to respond quickly to a threat to Keoka.  It takes upwards of $100,000 to put divers in the water to address a milfoil infestation.  The KLA50 Capital Campaign set an ambitious goal to raise $50,000 to celebrate KLA’s 50th anniversary.  With a $25,000 match from a local family foundation, the Quiet Phase of the KLA50 Capital Campaign was launched in the spring of 2019.The Public Phase opened in June, 2020 and is winding down.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the KLA50 Capital Campaign, either with a pledge (spread over up to 5 years) or with a donation, please mail a check made out to Keoka Lake Association (with KLA50 Capital Campaign in the memo line), P.O. Box 97, Waterford, ME 04088.All KLA50 Capital Campaign monies are invested with the Maine Community Foundation.

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