KLA Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, July 9 at 8:30 am.

Coffee and donuts at 8:30 am, with the meeting beginning at 9:00 am.  All are welcome to attend.  Click for minutes from the 2021 meeting.

KLA50 Historical Society Exhibit

This exhibit will highlight the history of KLA and Waterford during the years 1971-2021.  Date to be announced.  If you have items to submit please contact Nancy Marcotte by clicking below.

KLA50 Anniversary Party

KLA turned 50 years old in 2021.  We will gather to celebrate in the Eaton Meadow on the afternoon of the Annual Meeting.

19th Annual Bud Lazott Regatta & 3rd Camp Cup 

The race is scheduled for July 30.  Keep watch for more details.  Click for stories of last year's race.  Boats will launch from Keoka Beach Campground.  Registration starts at 1:00 pm with sailing at 2:00 pm.  Contact Al Struck for more information.

KLA50 Quilt Raffle

The KLA50 Anniversary Committee is raffling off a queen-sized quilt:  “Windows on Keoka, Seasons of the Lake."  The winning ticket will be drawn at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.  For tickets click below.

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from Richard Orr, KLA President


During the winter, KLA activities slow down but do not come to a complete stop.  A few items of interest:

  • Betty Miller Memorial:  Betty was a powerful force in our lake community.  After her death, her family suggested that friends make memorial contributions to KLA.  Nearly two dozen people contributed approximately $3,000 to KLA in her memory.  A number of the contributions were accompanied by notes from friends who had visited Keoka and recalled fondly their time on the lake.

  • Milfoil Prevention:  Our defense against the threat of invasive species like milfoil has several components.  Courtesy boat inspectors (CBIs) are on duty at the boat launch at peak times to inspect boats for plant material from other lakes. Funding comes from three sources: in early March, the town renewed its annual appropriation of $3,400;  more recently, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection renewed its annual grant of $1,600; the balance of funding, approximately $1,300, is paid by KLA out of dues and contributions.  KLA also provides volunteer support. Thanks to Charlie Tarbell for managing the Town and DEP applications.

  • Milfoil Remediation/ KLA50 Celebration:  If milfoil gets into our lake, a rapid response is essential — and expensive.  The KLA50 Capital Campaign has raised substantial funds for a “war chest” so KLA can respond quickly to milfoil or another threat to the lake.  The total raised will be announced at the KLA 50 Celebration on Saturday, July 9 from 3-6 pm. Details of this catered event appear elsewhere in this newsletter.  Thanks to Jo Lynne Johnson and her committee for their hard work planning this event.

  • Annual Meeting:  The 2022 annual meeting of KLA members will also be held on July 9 in the morning.  All are welcome to hear about the health of our lake and to participate in the annual election of officers and Board members.

  • Membership:  Members are the backbone of KLA.  For many years Ginny Raymond has managed the membership process, including recruiting new members, collecting dues, and starting a program of gift memberships.  Ginny has retired from that role and has been succeeded by Paige Nalipinski.  Ginny has graciously agreed to continue producing a lake map showing shoreline owners.

  • Plant Patrol:  Another way to help prevent a milfoil infestation is to monitor the plants living in the water along the shore.  It is critical to identify invasive species before they spread.   We have a good crew of KLA volunteers patrolling sections of the lake, but we can always use additional eyes.  If you would like to help, contact Arne Klepinger at



Keoka is more than a lake.  It is a community of people that care about the lake, the environment, and the community.  We work hard to protect this beautiful place.  We want it to continue to be where memories are made for generations to come.  Join us.

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Keoka Lake Association (KLA) is a volunteer organization supported by those who love Keoka Lake -whether landowners along its shores, Waterford citizens/taxpayers who use and treasure the lake, or those who have experienced the lake and hold a special place for it In their hearts. 


Keoka Lake is a beautiful spring-fed lake with an active community of lake lovers.  Learn about our lake, its wildlife, and how to protect this special place for future generations.


Supported primarily by member dues, KLA is committed to maintaining the health and safety of Keoka Lake, especially in the face of the threat of invasives, both flora and fauna, and naturally-occurring and manmade environmental threats.  Join us and become a member and a volunteer. 

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