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Martha Eaton Retires as Waterford Fall Foliage Race Director

Martha Eaton, Waterford Fall Foliage Race Director, has retired after 22 years of service. This past March, the Town of Waterford dedicated the 2021 Town Report in her honor. Here is their tribute:

“Martha first came to Waterford in 1950 when her parents bought property on Keoka Lake. She raised six children, then went back to college, became a teacher, and then a day-care director. In 1971, she was one of the founders of Keoka Lake Association. She and her husband, John, “retired” to Waterford in 1988. By virtue of their proprietorship of Rounds’ Store, Martha and John were immediately drawn into contributing to our town. Among other duties, Martha was active with the Ladies Fellowship Group, the Wilkins House Summer Breakfasts, and became a volunteer on the Waterford Sports and Recreation Committee with a special interest in the summer swim lessons. The Rec Committee had tossed around ideas for a town-wide fall event. Tim Lorrain suggested a 5K road race and Martha took the helm as Race Director. Assisted by a small, dedicated team, the first race was held in the fall of 2000. Since then she and her race committee have consistently grown the event, adding a chili cook off and attracting audiences in the hundreds to a perennial community crowd-pleaser. Martha brought her youthful, boundless energy to driving an event which actually requires over nine months to plan and execute. She single-handedly contacted more than 70 local businesses to sponsor the scholarship fund and recruited countless volunteers to make it happen. Indeed, Martha drafted her entire family into various volunteer race support positions. Since its inception, the Waterford Fall Foliage Race has benefitted the Tony Waldeier Memorial Scholarship Fund, awarding $90,000 to 115 graduating seniors.

Martha remains honorary Race Director, while training a new generation to take her place. Her exceptional team building and management skills will help ensure that the road race carries on, with new leadership, into the future. For Martha, it’s all about providing opportunities for the kids of Waterford and we thank her for her inspired commitment to physical fitness and education.”

THANK YOU, MARTHA for all that you have done for our community. We love you!!

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