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Game Wardens Visit Keoka

Maine Game Wardens visited Keoka during the Fourth of July weekend. Their goal is to ensure that boaters are using the lake safely and that the lake and wildlife are protected. Do your part and make sure to read the Boater's Guide to Maine Boating Laws and Responsibilities. A quick list of tips include:


  • Must have current registration and milfoil stickers.

  • Must have lifejackets for all people on board and children 10 years or younger must wear a USCG-approved PFD at all times.

  • All watercraft 16 feet and longer must have one USCG-approved throwable PFD on board.

  • All persons being towed behind a watercraft must wear a PFD.

  • It is illegal to operate a watercraft towing a person on any device within 200 feet of any shoreline unless operating in a manner that does not endanger any person or property.

  • A person may not operate a watercraft if its capacity would be exceeded by the persons in the watercraft plus the persons being towed.

  • A fire extinguisher is required for boats 26 feet or more and is recommended for all boats.

  • All watercraft must have an efficient whistle and/or other sound-producing device.

Have a safe summer on Keoka!

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