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Creepy Spring

by Charlie Tarbell

First you notice the warmth

Caressing your neck and back

While you walk

On the snow-packed surface

Then there is that smell

Almost a taste

A familiar mélange of earth and mold and life

It intrudes and distracts

while you patrol for animal tracks

on the north shore of Keoka

Meanwhile the sounds are more diverse

The echoless chill begins to animate

Birds calling, roofs dripping, brooks babbling

With a living, growing cacophony

You absentmindedly leave the gloves behind

Touch is restored; fingers feel the nascent warmth

A big pine branch, victim of a winter storm,

feels rough and sappy in the noontime sun

At last, you see!

Eyes opened from winter slumber

The lake is opening, ice receding

The snow cover yields its secrets

Spring creeps in and excites your senses

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