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Waterford’s Dood Trail

by Robert Spencer, Over the Dam

These photos by Claire Pendergast spotlight a joyous community gathering in South Waterford, August 11, 2022. More than 75 people gathered in Werner Playground on Park Street to pay tribute to the late Bill “Dood” Haynes, who died in March 2020. A group of local resident volunteers have cut the walking path along City Brook, which Bill first envisioned during the 1980s. The Waterford Historical Society, with the assistance of Friends of City Brook, Keoka Lake Association, and Western Foothills Land Trust, dedicated the historic trail to honor Haynes. The trail currently runs from Cross Street to Keoka Lake dam — approximately 1.25 miles. Thirty hardy folks hiked the pathway and viewed remnants of the nine industrial operations that lined the Brook in the 19th century.

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