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Maine Boating Impacts Coalition: Wakes and Lake Health

by Charlie Tarbell

With their unique ballast tanks, designed to produce maximum wakes, these boats direct their prop wash down toward the lake bottom and, in shallow waters, can disturb the bottom sediments, releasing bound phosphorus and contributing to algae growth and eutrophication. They also slam the shoreline with an oversized wake, when used in proximity to the shore.

The Maine Boating Impacts Coalition (MBIC) has proposed new regulations for these boats that would allow them to continue to operate, but in locations that are ecologically safer for the lakes. These proposed rules are as follows:

· Increase the 200-foot safety zone from shore to 500 feet for large wake producing activities

· Participate in wakesports in depth greater than 20 feet.

However, you do not need to wait for the Maine Legislature to pass new regulations. You can observe these rules when you are on the water right now. Remember, its for the health of Keoka.

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