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LakeSmart Tips for Spring Opening

by Priscilla Treadwell

This document prepared by LEA offers tips for cleaning up your property at the start of the season. It’s a brief and practical resource, and, since it touches on several topics covered in a LakeSmart evaluation, a convenient entrée into this 2022 pitch to Keoka property owners to schedule one.

It goes like this: We’ll walk your property and take a look at things like the buffer between buildings and the lake, the dripline of the roof, paths and driveways, and the septic situation. We’ll be following specific topics and questions developed by Maine Lakes and enter information into an app or on a clipboard. We’ll take a few photos – for example, of the shoreline from the end of the dock. We may offer some tips on best practices. If the evaluation determines your property is “Lake Smart,” you’ll receive LakeSmart Award signs to post at the end of the driveway and at the shoreline, which help spread the word and encourage others to participate.

Remember: This is a non-regulatory, volunteer program. We don’t pass judgment – we educate. And it is not all about the award! If your property isn’t quite “Lake Smart” when we visit, we will follow up with suggestions and resources provided by Maine Lakes and LEA for making changes to your property to keep Keoka healthy.

Finally, if your property was evaluated several years ago, we encourage you to get a new evaluation. Maine Lakes continues to refine the evaluation process and the great educational content available to you.

To schedule a visit this season, contact Ginger Eaton, Doss Hasson, or Priscilla Treadwell using the email.

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