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Interview with an Artist: Shauna Sprunger

KLA has been that Shauna Sprunger has allowed us to display her beautiful photography of Keoka on our website. Brenda Hambleton sat down with the artist for a chat.

KLA: What is your connection to Keoka Lake?

Shauna: Gwen Stockwell and Mike Sprunger are my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We are lucky enough to keep getting invited back to spend time with them and Tom and Susan Stockwell at their cabins on the lake. This summer was our third summer on the lake and we have about decided to retire there and never leave! It is a beautiful place and I feel very fortunate to be considered family to these amazing people.

KLA: Are you taking photos from a boat or the shore?

Shauna: I took some of the photos from shore and some from a kayak. It was much easier from the kayak. I find that the light is best and the water is the smoothest first thing in the morning.

KLA: What kind of camera are you using?

Shauna: I shoot with a Canon EOS R5 with a 100-400mm zoom lens

KLA: What got you into photography?

Shauna: I’ve always had a love affair with photography; back in high school I was a yearbook photographer and even before that I carried around a little 110 camera, taking pictures everywhere I went. Currently, I work for a school district as a visual storyteller where I take documentary-style photos, create videos and design graphics. I am a nature lover and birder. I've found that observing nature through my lens allows me to not only capture a moment but understand it with sharper focus. The discoveries I find behind my camera are thrilling and compel me to share that beauty and excitement with others.

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