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10 Ways to Protect Keoka: Tip 7

Source: Maine Lakes and LEA

Mulch Bare Areas

Heavily used areas frequently have compacted soils and little capacity to absorb runoff. These spots are often devoid of vegetation and have exposed tree roots protruding from the soil. Stormwater builds up on these areas and has the ability to wash out natural vegetation, shorefront, or beaches below. If you can’t plant or at a minimum get grass to grow, consider top dressing with superhumus or erosion control mulch. These products are primarily made from ground up stumps and bark and look similar to garden mulch but they are much less erosive. They not only slow down and absorb water but they also protect tree roots (and bare feet from tree roots). Always make sure not to cover existing plants when bringing in mulch and remember to contact the Code Enforcement Officer if you are planning on getting more than 10 cubic yards.

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