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10 Ways to Protect Keoka: Tip 4

Source: Maine Lakes and LEA

Tip 4 of 10: Fix your driveway

Lakefront driveways are one of the biggest culprits of erosion on residential lots. Having a home on the lake means that by necessity, you are at the bottom of the watershed and therefore water is coming your way. Erosion of your driveway is also erosion of your money. No matter what, roads and driveways always need some level of maintenance, but if you are just adding gravel every couple of years and watching it slowly wash away then it is time to think about alternatives. Oftentimes a berm at the top of the driveway can force water off into woody areas that can absorb stormwater. Open-top culverts and rubber razors are an easy way to get water off the driveway for seasonal homes that don’t require plowing. Routine grading or raking can help keep a proper crown or pitch so that water runs to the side instead of down the whole length. For more ideas, check out the Maine Camp Road Maintenance Manual.

Severe erosion like this could have been prevented with a properly sized ditch.

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