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10 Ways to Protect Keoka: Tip 3

LEA & Maine Lakes

Tip 3 of 10: Stop Over-Fertilizing Your Lawn

Eighty percent of all soils tested by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in the last five years did not need the nutrient phosphorus to grow grass. Still, phosphorus- laden lawn care products are routinely added to waterfront lawns. The use of lawn fertilizers in the last 15 years has skyrocketed and our lakes are paying the price. Topical fertilizers easily wash into the lake and encourage superficial root growth which makes grass more prone to drought. In addition to nutrients that harm both fresh and marine waters, lawn fertilizers are also often full of pesticides which are known to cause cancer. Is a green lawn worth that much? The safest way to a green and healthy lawn is by building up the soil. This can be done by adding good quality compost and natural fertilizers like alfalfa meal and corn gluten. Signs like this are a good indication that some lawn care products are not safe.

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