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In Maine, 34 species are found:15 species are residents during the breeding season, 18 species winter in Maine, and all 34 species migrate through Maine.  Eleven dabbling ducks, 13 diving ducks, 6 sea ducks, and 4 geese comprise the 34 species of waterfowl found in Maine. 


During the summer, families of mallards, mergansers, and Canada geese can be seen on Keoka.  Fall migration brings other species in for overnight stays.  Read more...


Wading birds are a diverse group of birds including herons, egrets, bitterns, ibises, coots, moorhens, rails, and sandhill cranes. The herons and egrets are large, long-legged, long-necked species that are typically seen wading in shallow water while searching for food. Bitterns, rails, and moorhens are smaller secretive species that hide amongst marsh vegetation and are typically only heard rather than seen.

Keoka hosts blue herons that like to stroll the shoreline.  They stand very still when they think you are watching.  You can often see them on the sandbar at the mouth of Kedar Brook.  Read more...

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Songbirds by the dozens are found in Maine. These small birds frequent our forests, fields and backyards, come to our feeders in the winter, and herald the arrival of spring with their melodic song and colorful plumage. Songbirds represent a diverse array of species (well over 100 species actually) and include such different species as the American Crow, Downy Woodpecker, Eastern Phoebe, and Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Most migrate south to warmer places for the winter while others prefer to stay with us. The few that remain manage to find food and shelter to sustain their tiny bodies for the long winter. Each is uniquely adapted to exploit its niche with great efficiency.  Read more...

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