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Keoka Lake Association (KLA) is a volunteer organization supported by those who love Keoka Lake, whether they be landowners along its shores, citizens/taxpayers in Waterford who use and treasure the lake or some for whom Keoka Lake holds a special place In their hearts. 

KLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


KLA is committed to keeping our lake beautiful for generations to come.  We need your help to educate and engage all who have the chance to enjoy it through programs, communication, and activities on water quality, wildlife, and invasives.

Get Involved

Supported primarily by member dues, KLA is committed to maintaining the health and safety of Keoka Lake, especially in the face of the threat of invasives, both flora and fauna, and naturally-occurring and man-made environmental threats.  Join us and become a member and a volunteer. 

Boat Ramp Dock Removal

A dedicated team of volunteers braved the cold water to take out the boat ramp dock and bouys.

Rain, Finally!

After a very dry summer and low lake levels, we finally got rain.  The result was some beautiful rainbows over Keoka.  This photo was submitted by Al Struck and taken by a friend at Keoka Beach Campground.

LakeSmart Success

The KLA LakeSmart Team of Ginger Eaton, Doss Hasson and Priscilla Treadwell are proud to have recently awarded 3 Keoka Lake properties with The Maine Lakes Society/Lake Environmental Assoc. LakeSmart Awards. We are grateful to these homeowners for reaching out to us, and for their cooperation in helping to keep Keoka Lake the shining example of lake wellness and sustainability.  

Keoka Lake Association, PO Box 97 Waterford, ME  04088