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Rain, rain, go away! So far May has delivered more than 4 inches of rain and some strong winds. The north shore of the lake got pounded. The dam is wide open and the water level is still high. Dock installs will have to wait. Check out videos of the lake and dam here.

06-2022 Dock Install 2.jpg

May 27

Volunteers will gather at the Town Beach at 1:00 pm for the annual installation of the boat launch dock, float, and buoys.

KEOKA LAKE_social event_final_v2.jpg

July 8

All ages welcome.  Learn how YOU can help protect Keoka Lake at our hands-on Aquatic Invasive Plant Training, featuring LEA Plant Scientists and Keoka Lake Plant Patrol Ambassadors!  Following the LEA (Lakes Environmental Association) training, ride on one of seven pontoon boas expeditions to survey Keoka Lake's five most at-risk areas! 

For more information and to register, click here.

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We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Keoka Lake Association in style with a capital campaign, a book, a raffle, and a great party.  Check out all of the details and photos here.


May 11

In celebration of Earth Day, Lauren Pickford from LEA will present a program on Invasive Species at the Wilkins House starting at 6:30 pm.  This is part of the annual Shena Fraser gardening program.

IMG_0276 1917.JPG

July 4

Festivities start with breakfast at the Wilkins House from 7:30 to 11:00 am followed by the parade at 11:00 am and Duck Race at noon.  Come shop at the Library book sale and KLA merchandise tent.  For details on July 4th activities check out the Waterford calendar by clicking here.


July 29

The 10th Annual Bud Lazott Memorial Regatta will start from Keoka Beach Campground.  Registration starts at 1:00 pm and racing begins at 2:00 pm.  More information will follow.  For details of last year's race, including the winners and aerial drone footage click here.

KLA Logo with White Background.png

May 26

The KLA Spring Board meeting will be held.  The KLA Fall Board meeting was held in October.  The minutes of the meeting are available here


July 8

KLA Annual Meeting starts with coffee and donuts at 8:30 am followed by the meeting at 9:00 am.  Come meet the Board members and hear about KLA plans for 2023.

Boat Light Parade.jpg


The first Keoka Lighted Boat Parade was held in August last year and it was a big hit!  This year's parade is being scheduled so keep watch for details. To see the 2022 winners, photo, and video click here.



from Richard Orr, KLA President

Saturday, July 9, 2022, was a landmark day for KLA.  In the morning, the Annual Meeting of members gathered on the Wilkins House lawn to review the business of KLA and to enjoy the return of the traditional coffee and donuts.  For a summary of the annual meeting click here.

But the highlight of the day was the KLA Celebration Party, thanks to the Party Committee, which was chaired by Cindy Courtney and included Lisa Hammett, Ginny Raymond and Jo Lynne Johnson, who served as Board liaison.  To read a wonderful article about the party and see tremendous photos of this memorable event click here.

But KLA50 wasn’t only a party, it was the culmination a multi-year effort to celebrate the first 50 years of KLA and to help ensure that the lake is protected for the next 50 years. KLA50 started in 2019 and has been co-chaired by KLA Board members Jo Lynne and David Johnson.  Over the last several years they have spent countless hours overseeing the multiple components of KLA50. Our thanks to them for their hard work.

The core of KLA50 was a Capital Campaign. Raising funds over a period of years, it was successful beyond all expectations. Thanks to the generous support of KLA members and friends, the grand total of donations and pledges revealed at the Celebration Party was over $145,500. Special thanks to professional fundraiser Bill Stockwell, who provided pro bono consulting services to the campaign; and to Charlie Tarbell who helped organize the campaign and who personally solicited many leadership contributions.  For a list of those that made this possible click here.

The money raised will be maintained in a segregated KLA50 Fund under professional money management until the time it is needed to respond to milfoil, other invasive species, or another existential threat to the lake.

KLA50 also included publication of a book telling the history of the lake and of individual properties.  Thanks go to the KLA Book Committee, which was led by Brenda Hambleton and included Nancy Eaton, Cindy Courtney, and Charlie Tarbell. Copies of the book are still available for purchase at the Waterford Library.

A historical retrospective of KLA was prepared at the Waterford Historical Society.  Thanks to Nancy Marcotte and Nancy Eaton.  The culmination of all these KLA50 activities was the KLA50 party.  Not only was it a wonderful social event, but a financial success.  The Committee was committed to not spending any of the KLA50 Capital Fund on the party, keeping the ticket price low, and ending up without a deficit.  They succeeded by recruiting event sponsors and actively managing the arrangements as vendors increased prices.  The Committee is grateful to the many KLA members who made contributions to support the party separate from their ticket purchase.

The party could not have succeeded without its other volunteers. Dodi and John Wait served as “Week Of” captains.  Amanda Johnson managed the registration table.  Patty Tingley organized the flower arrangements and Jane Trail provided flowers.  Ginger Eaton designed the logo and Ginia Brannan produced the signage.  The Stockwell/Eaton/Tarbell family not only donated the use of their meadow but also managed many of the logistics including set up, parking, and clean up.  Many, many other people volunteered in other ways.

KLA50 is now coming to a close.  Thanks to everyone who donated to the campaign or volunteered their time to make it a success.



Keoka is more than a lake.  It is a community of people that care about the lake, the environment, and the community.  We work hard to protect this beautiful place.  We want it to continue to be where memories are made for generations to come.  Join us.

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Diane Rung Sunset 08-21 2.jpg


Keoka Lake Association (KLA) is a volunteer organization supported by those who love Keoka Lake -whether landowners along its shores, Waterford citizens/taxpayers who use and treasure the lake, or those who have experienced the lake and hold a special place for it In their hearts. 


Keoka Lake is a beautiful spring-fed lake with an active community of lake lovers.  Learn about our lake, its wildlife, and how to protect this special place for future generations.


Supported primarily by member dues, KLA is committed to maintaining the health and safety of Keoka Lake, especially in the face of the threat of invasives, both flora and fauna, and naturally-occurring and manmade environmental threats.  Join us and become a member and a volunteer. 

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