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Third Generation

by Al Struck

About 1954 or so Chapin and Virginia Cutler heard land was for sale on the East side of Keoka. They told their friends Philip and Helen Buchert and asked them to think about purchasing a lot next to theirs. The rest is history as they say. Both families did buy adjoining lots and built cabins on them.

Their children of course loved Keoka and fell under its spell.

Ginny, the Cutler’s daughter and her husband Denny Raymond have assumed ownership of the “Compromise," the name the Cutlers gave their cabin, and Jean, the daughter of the Bucherts, and her husband Alan Struck did the same with the “A-frame” they helped build. In fact Jean and Alan honeymooned in the “Compromise” in June 1969, the same year construction of the A-frame started.

The third generation is pictured on one of the favorite spots in Cutler cove. All the kids were here to celebrate anniversaries. The Raymonds for Ginny and Denny’s 50th wedding anniversary and the Strucks for Jean's 75th birthday.

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