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10 Ways to Protect Keoka: Tip 10

Do a rainy day survey

If you are not sure how your property is affecting the lake, grab an umbrella and raincoat and head outdoors during the next heavy downpour. This is the best time to really see what is happening with stormwater and how you could fix problems. Start at the top of the property and work downward towards the lake. Take note of where water is channelizing, where sheet flow is heavy and areas of vegetation that might be able to absorb some of the water. The key to treating stormwater is to break it up and divert water flow to stable areas as often as possible. Use some of the techniques above to get stormwater off driveways and paths. If there is already a ditch designed to hold stormwater, make sure it is stable by armoring it with rocks or vegetation. Natural tributaries and wet areas should be left alone.

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