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Steven King Movie or Winter Wonderland?

by Al Struck

The last weekend in February we started trudging from the western shore of Keoka Lake to the eastern shore to spend an overnight at the family A-frame. That night we had a Steven King moment out on the lake. It was a full moon, but as we looked north there was a mist coming down the lake. Slowly it obliterated rock island then Chadbourne's beach then the Raymond's and it was upon us. Totally freaked us out! It was like a fine ash in our headlamps. Couldn't see the A frame but could just about see each other. Then slowly, almost imperceptibly it moved off and we beat feet for the camp. Manhattans were in order after that experience, maybe all five boroughs. That's the kind of experience you can only have on Keoka. Gotta love it.

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