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Signs of Spring and Hope

by Tany Blasko

Seasons help us define transitions in time. They orient our cultural traditions and the cultivation of food. As the spring season begins to emerge on Keoka Lake, I picture the ice melting away at the shore lines and the mighty flower buds popping up in the soil. The last time I experienced a New England spring was over 8 years ago. It’s a distinct climate adjustment that I missed while living in the temperate Bay Area. Last week when the temperature reached 45°F here in New England, I sat in the sun soaking up the UVB light like a chameleon. Spring 2021 sparks a special feeling of rejuvenation as more and more people get vaccinated and our society starts to come together after the pandemic lockdowns. One particular Waterford resident I have been thinking a lot about during quarantine is my grandmother Martha Eaton who has been a KLA member for over 50 years. 2020 marked Martha’s 90th birthday and our family had planned a large gathering to celebrate this monumental occasion. Like so many others, we had to cancel our plans and get creative with video messages, zoom parties, and car caravans. Many members of KLA, friends, and family came together to celebrate Martha and all the many hats she has worn in the Waterford community. In 1988, Martha and her husband John joined her brother Stew Stockwell to run the Rounds General Store. Over the years she’s been active volunteering at Wilkins House Breakfasts, as Waterford Sports and Recreation Director, and on the altar guild of her church. In 2000 she founded The Waterford Fall Foliage 5k Road Race and has been race Director ever since. I am so happy to share that Martha was able to receive both of her COVID-19 vaccines last month and is already busy planning the 22nd annual Road Race! There are many families across the world who tragically lost loved ones to the virus. My heart is heavy thinking of those families and the grief they are feeling. As we begin to turn the corner, I continue to feel immense gratitude to all the essential workers and for the open spaces like Keoka Lake that continue to help us get through this challenging time. I just got my first vaccine shot last week and thanks to the miracles of science, I hope to visit my Grandma Martha and Keoka Lake soon! Until then I will put in my bets for the “Keoka Lake Ice Out Predictions” and appreciate the transformation that the spring season brings.

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