Lake Living

Keoka Lake is a small lake in the town of Waterford, Maine. It is south of Waterford Flat and northeast of Waterford City (South Waterford).

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Protecting Keoka

KLA was found in 1971 by a group of year-round and summer residents who were concerned about protecting Keoka Lake.

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Loving Waterford

Waterford is in Oxford County, Maine.  It is a recreation area noted for historic architecture and scenic beauty.

Meet Richard Orr, New KLA President

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Dear Lake Lovers,

As the newly elected President of the Keoka Lake Association (KLA) I want to introduce myself and the other KLA officers.  My family’s roots in Waterford go back to my ancestor Eli Longley who established an inn  in Waterford in the late 1700s.  My wife, Cindy Courtney, and I have been coming to Keoka since the 1970s.   Now retired, we spend the summer on the lake, with winters in Hartford CT. I have been on the KLA Board for many years, most recently as Vice President.

Brenda Hambleton, Vice President.   Brenda has been instrumental in the enhancements to the KLA Website over several years.  She also played a leading role in the production of the book “Keoka Lake -- A History of Life On Our Lake”.   The pre-publication sales were robust but there are still copies available.

Jo Lynne Johnson, Secretary.  Jo Lynne and her husband David have worked tirelessly on the KLA50 capital campaign and on planning the 50th anniversary celebration party.  Postponed due to Covid, the party will be held on July 9 next summer.  Mark your calendar now!

Dan Treadwell, Treasurer.  This role is “behind the scenes” but critical.  Dan worked on setting up online payments for the Keoka Lake book and implementing KLA’s relationship with the Maine Community Foundation which invests the proceeds of the KLA50 capital campaign.   He has enhanced the frequency and detail of financial reporting to the Board.   

More information about officers and board members is available here on the website on the Resources page.

To learn more about KLA’s many activities to protect and enhance our lake, I urge you to take a moment to look at the minutes of the July annual meeting.   The minutes are now available here.   If you would like to get more involved with KLA please reach out to me or to any Board member.

KLA is blessed to have many energetic volunteers.  I want to give a special shout out to Martha Eaton who was one of the founders of KLA 50 years ago.  Martha  was at the annual meeting in July, and she is still  going strong.   She is a tough act to follow.  

Finally, if you are on the water along the north shore of Keoka near Stone’s Cove and you see a couple of folks sitting in red chairs on a dock, please pull up and say Hi!.   Cindy and I would love to see you.

Have a great rest of the summer.