Woodland Trail

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Resting Moose Lodge

M35-L22 & 23


Paige & Michael Nalipinski

Chip & Beth Mason (1999-2019)

Bud & Margaret Lazott

Whizzer and Meg Wheeler (Meg is Beth Mason's sister) came to Waterford in 1967 to visit Mary Rice, a Wheeler relative.  They stayed a Rydal Mount, Mary Rice's home on Rice Road.  They inherited the house in 1977 and eventually came to live in Waterford.

Bud Lazott and family had the house built by Don Rung in 1963.  Don is Margaret Lazott's nephew.  The log cabin is called Resting Moose Lodge.  Chip Mason named it in honor of the camp of his youth, Flying Moose Lodge, in East Orland, Maine.  He decided to change "Flying" to "Resting" as being more appropriate as his retirement years approached.

Four generations of Masons and Fallons have enjoyed the cabin.  The current owner, Paige, is Chip Mason's niece.  Family traditions include:

  • Summer visits with grandsons Robert & Will Mason,

  • Pancake breakfasts at Tut's (aka Melby's), and

  • Annual Music Sunday at Waterford Congregational Church with friends from Connecticut coming up to sing in the choir.

We like to climb Tir'em and Hawk Mountains, take a daily swim to Stone's Cove, do daily walks around Keoka via Passaconaway, Mill Hill, etc., and cocktails while enjoying the sunset at Stone's Cove.

Our other family members in the area include:  Peter and Sarah Wheeler Chingos and Seth and Bea Wheeler who have adjoining properties on McWain.  The Mason sons, John and Bill, were both campers and counselors at Birch Rock.

We have so much appreciation for our wonderful Woodland Trail community of neighbors who became dear friends, beginning in 1979 with Aldie & Wilma Johnson and Frank and Bette McKeon, and continuing right up to the present with Tabors, Tarbells, Wickershams, Orrs, Stockwells, Eatons, and many more!

Submitted by Chip Mason, 2020.