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M22-L12 & 13



Heidi, James & Jamie Schellenger

The McKeown Family (1970s-2011)

The McKeown Family

Heidi grew up in Maine and her mother lived in Harrison.  We purchased a home in Norway in 2009 to be close to family after returning from Montana.  We fell in love with the lakes in the area and determined to live on a lake.  

We purchased "Camp" in 2011, sight unseen, while living overseas.  Since purchasing our camp we have spent time on Keoka Lake intermittently, although much more recently.

"Camp" is a term unique to New England.  When you tell others from "away" that you own a camp in Maine, they often look confused, as if the cannot understand how you could spend all summer in a tent.  As a native of Maine, Heidi always referred to her family's second home on Little Sebago Lake as a camp, and so we we acquired our A-frame, it only seemed natural to apply the term to our special place.  It lends an aura of history to the place, and evokes childhood memories of that "other camp" that remain so dear.

We are the first generation of our family on Keoka and hope that our son will carry on the tradition.  We are only now establishing our family traditions, but many spring from Heidi's long experience of lake living.  Our son is 8, and has lived in five countries.  One of our primary reasons for owning, and spending part of our summer at camp, is to give him a sense of "home," a place he can identify as "base," a place with roots, as he moves around the world with his parents.  That is also the reason for beginning to establish traditions, things that he can hang onto as he encounters new places and faces every couple of years.  Our new traditions include:

  • Spending several weeks in the summer at camp

  • Learning to fish

  • Campfires with marshmallows at night

  • Hikes to local peaks

  • Blueberry picking

  • Daily swimming

  • Taking part in Waterford's 4th of July celebration

  • Attending the "World's Fair"

  • Breakfast at Melby's

  • Summer camp in Harrison

  • Several visits to Santa's village each season

  • Visiting Grandpa in South Paris

Keoka Lake is a very special place.  Living and working in huge, crowded cities around the world has given us an unerring appreciation of just how special this quiet and peaceful corner of the world is.  We appreciate Keoka Lake and Waterford for being what they area, and KLA for working to protect the lake and its surrounds.  As absentee landowners, we are not as involved as we would like to be, but nonetheless appreciate all that KLA does in our absence.

Submitted by James Schellenger, 2020