14 Wijoca Trail

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Lakeside Pines (formerly Camp LYTAH)



Mitzi & Carrie Johnson (since 2013)

Daniel Johnson (33 years)

Edward B. Johnson (33 years)

Abe Jewett (1923-1947))

We came to Waterford, from Camden City, NJ, in 1945 with our parents, Edward and Ellen Johnon, to visit our mom's sister and family.  We Stayed with our aunt and uncle, Sam and Louise Caldwell, at their cottage on the lake known as "Hemlock Boulders." 


My parents bought our current cottage from Abe Jewett in 1947.  At that time it was known as "Camp LYTAH" which stood for "Leave Your Troubles At Home."  Since then four generations have stayed here and may improvements to the cottage have been made.

Our family enjoys swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, and especially RELAXING!

Submitted by Daniel Johnson, 2019.