86 Keoka Beach Trail

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Keoka Beach (originally "Bessie's Beach)



Chris Searles, et al


Haynes & Mildred Noyes, Bill & Diane Haynes, Gleen & Ruth Chute

Bessie Hamlin Hill

The first family member to come to Waterford was America Hamlin in 1783.  He came from Massachusetts with his three brothers: Africa, Hannibel, and Eleazer because they received land grants.  Their father was a proprietor.  He had been quartermaster to George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

The land was originally owned by Bessie Hamlin Hill and was known as "Bessie's Beach."  In 1960 Glenn Chute designed the campground.  Bill Haynes and Steve Wilson built the sites.  Roy Meserve built the original campground wood frame buildings.  Great pains were taken to preserve many trees and keep the septic system far away from the lake.  Glenn Chute was an early member of KLA.


The campground has been expanded several time to enlarge and build more sites.  A new store was built in 2019 by Searles.  The store is name "Wangan" and was used by loggers to get their supplies.

The beach is perfect for swimming and has attracted thousands of camper to Waterford over the years.

For more information on Keoka Beach Campground go to keokabeach.net.

Submitted by Mary Chute Marcotte, 2019.

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