649 Waterford Road

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Circa 1820

Linda Kilburn & Bruce Peterson (since 1981)

Amy Hubbard

We came from Waban, MA to visit George and Ginny Brett for the weekend.  Later that month, we purchased the house form Amy Hubbard, wife of Dr. Hubbard, deceased.  Four generations of our family have enjoyed Waterford.

We have completely restored the house inside and out.  We had analysis of the chimney mortar done to try to determine the age of the house.  It is believed to have been built between 1820 and 1830.  We converted the barn loft and stable into bedroom. bathroom, and family room.  The "L" shed extension comtains a renovated kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

We enjoy 4th of July week and holidays together with our extended family.  We are avid swimmers and boaters.  We also windsurf and garden in the summer.  In the winter we hike, snowshoe, and sled on the lake (when not shoveling snow...)

Our son attended, and later worked as a counselor, at Birch Rock Camp.  We have had two other family friends buy homes near by.  We love Wateroford and its residents as do the generations of "K-Ps" who come here regularly with us.

Submitted by Linda Kilburn, 2019.