Educational Programs

The KLA Education Committee is focused on engaging people, young and old, in actively participating in the health and future of Keoka Lake.  The Committee hosts programs and events that further education and fun on the lake. 

If you are interested in helping with Educational Programs, please contact Ginger Eaton or Tom Hammett.

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Past Events

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Water Quality

The people that use Keoka are the people that can protect the water quality.  KLA sponsors programs that monitor​ and prevent water quality issues.  KLA also provides information on things that can impact our water quality.

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Keoka is home to a wide range of animal and plant life.  We share our lake with several protected species.  Our role is to make sure that the lake is as good for them as it is with us.

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Invasive plants are a real threat to the quality of Maine lakes.  Once they get into a lake they are very hard to eliminate.  KLA sponsors Courtesy Boat Inspections at the boat launch as well as Plant Patrols and other awareness programs to ensure they we keep invasives out of Keoka.