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“Do it out of your own personal motivation and love for Keoka but mostly, do it for the kids.”

Keoka for Generations

Invasives are all around us – in Sebago, Long Lake, Thompson Lake, just to name a few. Most of the lakes in Massachusetts and Vermont are clogged with these plants. Courtesy boat inspections are currently the best preventative measure against these invaders – and we will continue to fund them. But as most folks will tell you, it is not a question of “if” invasives get into Keoka, it is only a matter of “when”. We will do our best to prevent invasives, and we will be vigilant in identifying any invasives found growing in Keoka. But the reality is that invasives are extraordinarily expense to eradicate. And we need to think ahead, now, about how we will eradicate these plants in the future.

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the founding of KLA. I want to utilize this important milestone to conduct a funding campaign that will ensure that KLA has access to a “warchest” that will enable the leaders of this organization to fight an invasive infestation quickly and effectively. If we are able to see this through, we will join a handful of lakes in this state that are ahead of this menace.

To that end, I will be making a leadership gift to this KLA50 Anniversary Fund. All contributed funds will be matched by a non-profit foundation and professionally managed by the Maine Community Foundation. I hope you will join me in paying it forward by making a contribution that will ensure our future lake stewards have the tools they need to keep Keoka the place we all love. Do it out of your own personal motivation and love for Keoka, but mostly do it for the kids.

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