KLA50:  My Motivation

I think of many different things when I think about Keoka Lake: My family and my childhood; My peaceful place; My happy place. As I get older, I see Keoka changing in small ways, but essentially remaining the place where I feel I can retreat, relax, and refresh. I hope my kids (and their kids) will continue to feel this same way about Keoka.

I’ve invested the last 15 years as President of Keoka Lake Association (KLA) trying to ensure that Keoka retains its special characteristics that make it the place that I most love. In that role, I join at least three generations of Keoka Lake stewards. One of my main goals is to keep the lake free of invasive aquatic plants.

KLA50:  Call to Action

Maine has 2,677 lakes.  Of those, 1% are dealing with milfoil invasions.  That does not sound like a big problem until you look at where those lakes are located.  Most of the infested lakes are in the Southwestern corner of the state, within in a easy drive to Keoka. 

Motorboats, sailboats, kayaks, seaplanes, and even kids’ floaties move from lake to lake.  When all it takes is a small piece of a plant to start an invasion that will take years, and tens of thousands of dollars to fight, the problem is too close to home.

Campaign Goal & Results

The Keoka Lake Association will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021.  In addition to a celebration event during the summer of 2021, we are embarking on an ambitious project to document the history of properties around Keoka Lake.  The end result, a book of family stories and histories of these properties, will be published in 2021.


If you currently own a property or if you have previously owned or rented a property along the shores of Keoka Lake, we ask that you complete a Shoreowner’s Questionnaire (insert link to questionnaire) to help us with this project.  Completed forms can be returned to Nanci Eaton at the Waterford Library, mailed to KLA at P.O. Box 97, Waterford, ME 04088 or it can be completed online and emailed to kla50.2021@gmail.com.


Thank you for sharing your stories.