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Camp Konewago

M26-L2, 3, 40, 41


Chris Lingamfelter

Carson & Butler Familes (1955)

Mrs. William C. Carson (1920)

Camp Konewago was started in 1919 by Mrs. Carson as a summer camp for girls. In August, 2003 my wife and I purchased the camp from the Carson family. Prior to the start of the 2004 season, we spent more than $30,000 on renovations and improvements to the camp. Each year we improve the camp by taking in suggestions from renters. If you stay at Konewago, please fill in our feedback form or shoot us an email! Thanks. Based on feedback, we added a SUP board (awesome) and new enclosed trash shed (boring) for 2015.

Chris Lingamfelter, 2020.  www.campkonewago.com

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Camp Konewago was the original site of Camp Kokosing.  In 1920 the property was purchased by Mrs. Will C. Carson.  It consisted of four building and for thirteen years Mrs. Carson and her daughter, Edith, conducted a camp for girls.  Konewago, the Indian word meaning "he tarries who comes," was a small camp with a capacity of thirty campers and ten counselors.

Int he late 1930s it was decided to change the form of the camp making it a family camp with meals served in the main building.  Edith joined the Nave in World War II and the camp was closed for three years.  In 1945 and 1946 it was reopened for family camping but closed again permanently in 1947.

Since that time it has become a summer home for the Carson family which has expended to include Herbert Butler, who married Edith Carson in 1955, and the in-laws who became family members as many children marry and have their own families.

There are now four housekeeping units and two small guest houses.  The entire property is divided into two parts - one belong to the Butlers and the other to the Carsons.

An excerpt from "Waterford, Maine 1875 - 1976" published by the Waterford Historical Society in 1977.

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