113 Klepinger Trail

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Douglass House

M23-L20 & 22A


Mole & Tom Schaefer (since 2006)

Sylvia Sebelist

The first member of our family to come to Waterford was Reverend John A. Douglass.  He came in 1821 when he was appointed as the second minister at the Waterford Congregational Church.  He stayed at 73 Plummer Hill which was built in 1795.  That house was in our family from 1821 to 1952.  It came back into the family in 2016 and another family member, Sandy Fitz-henry returned to live there.

Three generations have enjoyed the house on Klepinger Trail and seven or eight generations have lived in the house on Plummer Hill.  We enjoy Friday mornings at the library, ready, walking, swimming, and kayaking.