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Loon Lodge



Brenda Hambleton & Mick Bosowski

John & Heidi McInally

John & Heidi McInally

We bought our house in 1999. Brenda grew up in Oakland, Maine and Mick had been renting a place on Brandy Pond for years. When the Brandy Pond location decided to go condo, Brenda and Mick started looking for a lot. They figured they would camp on the lot with their four children until they were ready to build.


After tromping around on lots all over the area the broker started to show them houses. When they saw 6 Winding Trail it was love at first site. Mick asked if he could go for a swim. He came out of the water with a big grin on his face and asked Brenda "So, if we were to build something what would it look like?" Brenda answered "This" and they were done. 


We closed Friday afternoon in late August. With the help of friends, the dock went in the same day and by Sunday the house was set up and ready to go the next weekend.


Mick would drive all six of us and our dalmatian, Pongo, up after work on Friday and we would head home Sunday afternoon. Those were the days of a working family. We were known on the lake for our big, yellow trampoline that has seen a lot of bouncing over the years. We are now on our second one as our thirty-something "kids" still enjoy it.


Santa brought everyone kayaks the first Christmas after we bought the place so summers are filled with kayaking, canoeing, paddle board, and rides in our 1971 Katama Boston Whaler. Pongo loved boat rides and served as our bow mascot for many years. The first winter we owned the place had a magical weekend of black ice. We went to four different stores to find skates to fit everyone. We bought sticks and pucks and spent hours skating the whole lake. We tried to explain to our kids how rare black ice is. It snowed the next week and they begged to go up to go skating again. They didn't understand that we would have to shovel to skate.


As the teenage years set in there was "nothing to do up there" which mostly meant that they wanted to stay in New Hampshire to do things with their friends. Things like soccer games and other events got in the way and there were a number of years where we did not get up as frequently as we would have liked. When they went off to college both time and money were tight.


We are finally retired and are spending more time on the lake. It is definitely our "happy place" and we come up all year round. We have gotten to know, and love, the Waterford community. People still ask us when we bought a place up here - expecting to here that it was one or two years ago, not twenty. We are starting to fit in as we appear at more events. If you see us on our dock or in the Whaler, say hello and stop by for a chat or a drink.

Submitted by Brenda Hambleton, 2020.

Our second big, yellow trampoline

Our comfy spot on our dock under the umbrellas watching the loons and the boats go by.

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