47 & 49 Howard Trail

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Marshmallow Beach



Roswell & Dorothy Hubbard Family Trust (Tom & Christine Hubbard, Cathy & Larry Griffin, Moira & Brian Hubbard, Ellen & John Hart)

Dorothy & Roswell E. Hubbard, Jr.

Mary Amy Hubbard (1957 to 1970)

Bessie Hill (prior to 1970)

Chester Howard, Sr. and his family camp to Waterford in 1927 for a family vacation.  Chester was an avid fisherman and he found out about Waterford from his fishing friends.  The family lived in Scarsdale, NY and stayed at the Lake House while visiting.

The 8-bunk fishing camp was built in 1929 by Arthur Kingman for the family  Five generations have used the camp.  The ice house was converted to a children's bunkhouse.  Phone and electricity were added in 1965.

Our family has enjoyed fish fries, fireworks, berry picking, hiking, and swimming at Stone's Cove Beach.

Elizabeth worked as a waitress at the Wyonegonic Inn in North Bridgton in 1960 and 1961.  Chester, III worked there as a bellhop in 1962.

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