707 Waterford Road

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School House Beach

M34-L56, 58, 6

Kedar Brook Cottage 1962

New House 2019

Eileen & Rex Rounds (since 1983)


Larry Rounds (since early 1960s)

Daniel Brown (1800s)

Orlando Rounds came to Waterford from upstate New York in the 1800.  He came to Waterford, straight from theology school, to marry the daughter, Florence, of Daniel Brown.  Orlando was ordained in Bridgton where he preached.  They lived in the house in the center of Waterford that is now owned by Preston and Sharon Harrison.

Orlando and Florence left Waterford to return to Utica and Potsdam, NY.  After Orlando's death, at age 38, in 1988 Florence returned to Waterford  where she taught school.

The "old cottage" known as Kedar Brook Cottage was built in 1962 by L.C. Andrew.  It is one of their log home designs.  In 2019 the old cottage was moved closer to Waterford Road to make room for a new cottage built by Maine Eco Homes.

Five generations have enjoyed Keoka including frequent swims to Rock Island, sailing, and fishing.

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