41 Woodland Trail

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M35-L20 & 27


Royal S. Graves, IV & Allan Morse Graves

Royal S. Graves, III & Alice Morse Graves

Julia Morse & Mary Morse (since 1945)

Five generations of our family have enjoyed Keoka Lake.  The first member of our family, William Morse (born 1774, died 1844), came to Waterford in 1765.  He lived in South Waterford.

Julia and Mary Morse bought the current property in 1945.  The family also owned Morse Orchards.  The first cabin was moved to the site from Camp Joseph on McWain.  The cabin was named "Reflections" by Alice Morse Graves for three reasons:

  1. It is a place for reflection,

  2. The reflections of the lake, and

  3. Reflection on the prior generations.