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William & Sara Stockwell

Betty Gatchell


At least five generations of our family have tbeen in Waterford.  Dorothy Stockwell Stewart, our grandmother, arrived around 1890.  Her uncle came for the bass fishing the year before.  The next year he brought his family and she came as a babysitter.  They were from Philadelphia and found out about Waterford from Dr. Starbird.  The stayed at the Parsonage.

Our grandparents owned Aloha in 1946 and Nirvana (M35-L29) in 1966.  We acquired our current camp in 2004 from the Gatchell family.  As children we watched Lassie.  When we arrived at the cottage we would jump out of the car and shout EEE-YAW-KEE and our cousins would respond with the same so we would know where they were.

Family activities include nearly 70 years of participation in the Waterford 4th of July parade.  We also had family opening and closing weekends on Memorial Day and Columbus Day, respectively.  Of course, there was a lot of boating and swimming in between.  I even spent an evening on Rock Island with my cousin John.

I went to Camp Pinehurst in Raymond, ME first as a camper in 1958 and as an Assistant Director in 1976.

Submitted by William Stockwell , 2019.