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Priscilla Orr Treadwell & Dan Treadwell

Priscilla Orr Treadwell & Richard Orr

Charlotte Longley Orr & James Orr

Our ancestor, Eli Longley (seven great-grands), arrived in Waterford in 1789, along with his wife, Mary Whitcomb, and sever of their eventual thirteen grandchildren.  We have no specific information about why they relocated from Massachusetts - perhaps the call of the frontier and more room for a growing family.  They settled on the property in the Flat where the Lake House now stands.  Eli was postmaster, inn-holder, merchant, and held various town offices.  In 1817 the family moved to Raymond.

Eli's descendent, Leon M. Longley (father of Charlotte Longely Orr), Opened LM Longley & Son in Norway in 1905.  It was family owned and operated most recently by John Longley, grandson of Leon and first cousin to Priscilla Orr Treadwell and Richard Orr, until it closed in 2015.

My parents, Jim and Charlotte Longley Orr, purchased the Waterford property from Frank and Thelma McKenna of Roxbury , New York in 1954 and put up an L.C. Andrew prefabricated log cabin.  It was the era of the space program and moon landing.  My dad thought "Orr-Bit" was a good name for our new family cabin and so it was.

In 1981 Jim and Charlotte constructed the "sun parlor" - a large deck sitting out over the lake.  We have since updated the kitchen, floored the loft, extended the dock, added a float, acquired a couple of kayaks, and replaced the chairs and beds whose springs had sprung (among other furnishings).

Our family traditions include:

  • Our dad, Jim Orr, making pancakes in the electric griddle on the front porch,

  • Festive s'mores event, lobster boils, and any excuse for our mother, Charlotte, to produce and serve homemade baked goods and ice cream,

  • Climbing Mt. Tire'm, then climbing the rocks on Tire'm,

  • Walking in the woods,

  • Paddling the canoe over to the town beach to collect the mail and buy a candy bar or "ice cream on a stick" at Rounds General Store,

  • Paddling to Rock Island and climbing around,

  • Fetching spring water in Clorox bottles (well scrubbed) from the South Waterford spring, and

  • Swimming and sunning, of course!​

These traditions continued to be enjoyed by the Treadwell and Orr children.  Clorox bottles evolved to gallon spring water bottles purchased at Hannaford and refilled periodically at the spring.  And when the Post Office moved, so ended the journey across the lake to pick up the mail and have a treat.

Submitted by Priscilla Orr, 2019.

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LM Longley & Son opened in Norway in 1905.