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Keoka Lake House



Robert & Kathleen Kellenberger (since 1997)

John & Edna Dugan & daughers:  Kathleen Kellenberger, Eileen Sabbitino. and Doreen Archer (since 1974)

John and Edna Dugan came to Waterford with daughter Doreen from Long Island, NY.  John was a NYC firefighter and the family came to retire in the area.  They found out about Waterford after visiting their daughter, Eileen, who was a teacher in Norway, ME.  

John built the gambrel-style house in 1975 where two generations of the family have lived.  He also worked at Bridgeton Academy.  He was also the first KLA Treasurer and "Keeper of the Dam" for 14 years.


We have a family reunion at the lake every 4th of July.  John is now deceased and Edna (94) is living in Pennsylvania with Eileen and both come to Keoka for the Fourth.