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Eric Hamlin Family Realty Trust

Charles Eric Hamlin

Willis L. Learned

Major Eleazer Hamlin, was born in July of 1732 and died December 1, 1907.  He was given a grant of land in Maine fore services rendered during the Revolutionary War.  He conveyed this land to three of his sons, Africa Hamlin, born January 27, 1758, Europe Hamlin, born November20, 1759, and Americ Hamlin, born October 20, 1761.  America Hamlin the uncle of Hannibal Hamlin, Vice President under Abraham Lincoln.

America Hamlin conveyed 200 acres by deed, dated to January 12, 1823, to his son, Luther Hamlin born May 9, 1788 and died December 8, 1854.  The land was passed from father to son as follows:

  • Luther to his son, Calvin Hamlin, born May 18, 1816 and died November 10, 1904.

  • Calvin to his son, Charles Scripture Hamlin, born January 24, 1855 and died in 1930.

  • Charles, in 1921, to his son, Carl Scripture Hamlin, born January 11, 1983 and died December 16, 1987.  He was my grandfather.

  • Charles passed the property on to his four children in 1975:  Charles Eric Hamlin, Name Maria Hamlin (Weir) Coccia, George Calvin Hamlin, and Carl Oliver Hamlin and grandson, David R. Weir.

My grandfather had dairy cows and sold milk, raised beef cattle, pigs, and chickens.  He had large gardens and tow BIG horse that plowed the fields and hauled the hay wagon.  He also had his own ice house where ice was cut from the lake and stored.  During World War II all four of his children served and he and my grandmother, Mina, managed the farm during those difficult years.

The farm and 20 acres were sold in 1955.  The current owners are Seth and Miranda Bell who now call it "Colonial Hill Farm."  There was a sign on the side of the garage for many years that read "Coolidge Hill."  The remaining farm property is now owned by my cousin, Mark Stuart Hamlin, who lives in Peru, Maine.

I grew up in South Waterford.  My parents, Charles Eric and Patricia Hamlin, purchased a small place on Harrison Road, across from the old creamery and next door to Paul and Irene Sanborn in 1946.  When that place become too small they sold it and purchased a house on Sweden Road from Mildred Noyse, formerly owned by Fred Haynes, in 1952.  I was about five years old and with my sisters, Margaret and Kathleen, we moved.  My brother George came along in 1954.

My father worked at the North Waterford Spool Mill until it closed.  My grandfather worked summers at Camp Wigwam doing maintenance.  I worked there cleaning cabins and working in the kitchens with my sisters.  We also worked for Oscar and Mary Andrews when the owned the Inn on Bear Pond.  My sister, Kathleen Graham, lives at 55 Sweden Road, next door to where we all grew up.

Ice harvesting on Keoka Lake in the 1920's

Horse drawn buggy with a man inside, pulled up in front of the single story Hamlin home with ivy growing along the eaves. The Hamlin Farm was on Hawk Mountain in South Waterford.


Hannibal Hamlin, Vice President and nephew of America Hamlin.

Eleazer Hamlin Grave.jpg

Eleazer Hamlin's grave.