Stone's Cove Association

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Stone's Cove Association



Ten Owners

Wood (1960), Klepinger (1960), Carlson (1948)

Melvina Pride (1948)

The Stone's Cove Association lot is 2.58 acres with 450' of shoreline and 250' of depth plus the submerged land to the natural low-water line.

Melvina Pride owned the beach lot and sold it to Dr. Arther and Mary Carlson on 09/22/1948.  Dr. Carlson planned to sell to either a campground or a boys/girls camp.  The deed was transferred to Joan and Martha Klepinger, from the Carlsons, on 09/01/1960 as a preventative measure.  The Klepingers immediately transferred the property to Charles and Elizabeth Wood.

Today the shares are owned by:

  • Bill and Sara Stockwell

  • Al Swonger

  • Arne Klepinger and Kathy Souza

  • Ryan and Erik Jacobson

  • Chip Howard and Betsy Whifield

  • Andy Tabor and Gretchen Tabor Heath

  • Chip and Beth Mason

The Association's By-Laws prohibit the development or construction of permanent improvements of any kind.