26 Wijoca Trail

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James & Eliza Wilcox (since 2014)

Stephen Wilcox (40 Years)

Harry Wilcox (1960)

Our family first came to Waterford in 1948 on vacations from Westport, CT.  We stayed at "Hemlock Boulders" which was just south of 26 Wijoca Trail.  We found out about Waterford from Harry's sisters, Louise Caldwell and Elleno Johnson.  The descendants our families still live together on Wijoca Trail.

There have been four generations of our family here.  We have made many improvements over the years including adding a fireplace and a deck and digging a cellar.  We have a family reunion here every five years or so.  We all enjoy swimming, boating (small boat), and fishing.

Submitted by Robert Wilcox, 2019.