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KLA Annual Meeting Highlights

July 13, 2019

The KLA held its annual meeting on July 23 at the Wilkins House.  There were 47 people at the meeting.

Highlights included:

  • Colin Holme, Executive Director of Lakes Environmental Association (LEA), presented the projects taking place on Keoka this summer.

  • The reading of Kim Struck's, Secretary, report of the minutes of the last meeting was waived as the minutes are posted on the website.

  • Chip Mason, Treasurer, reported that the Milfoil Fund is at $37,000.  Money from two CDs, maturing in June, will be moved into the Maine Community Fund.

  • Charlie Tarbell reported on the 19th Annual Maine Milfoil Seminar.  Courtesy Boat Inspections have helped keep Keoka clean.

  • The 2018 water quality report shows surface clarity but there is still concern for the lack of deep-water oxygenation.

  • Kim Struck has begun stream surveys and is looking for volunteers.

  • Jim Flynn discussed LakeSmart and Doss (Hammett) Hasson has join the team.

  • Ginger Eaton and Tom Hammett discussed programs to educate landowners and students about caring for the lake.

  • Jo Lynne Johnson is working with Joe Abbiati, Webmaster, to upload recent documents.  It was announced that a new website is being developed.

  • JoAnne Eaton announced that merchandise sales from the Fourth of July totaled $1,000.  New products and paddleboard raffle tickets are for sale.

  • Charlie Tarbell encouraged KLA members to also become members of the Lakes Environmental Association (LEA).

  • Andy Tabor put the loon nest out on May 4 and we now have two baby loons.  Andy is requesting funding for new buoys to protect the nest next year.

  • Charlie Mason is donating 17 acres by the dam to the Western Foothills Land Trust.  KLA will have ownership and responsibility for the dam.

  • KLA will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021.  David and Jo Lynne Johnson are chairing the committee. 

  • The impact of Maine Legislation LD235 (increase in milfoil sticker price) and LD216 (mandatory septic inspection for all property transfers in the shore zone) were discussed.

  • The new bylaws were reviewed by Richard Orr and approved.

  • Arne Klepinger, David Johnson, Jo Lynne Johnson, Brenda Hambleton, and Al Struck were elected to the KLA Board with 2019-2022 terms.


Arne made great coffee and Lake Store donuts were served.

For the full minutes of the meeting click here.