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7th Annual Bud Lazott Memorial Regatta

July 27, 2019

KLA sponsored the 7th Bud Lazott Memorial Regatta on Saturday, July 27, 2019.  As a new addition to the race this year, four local camps were invited to compete for the newly created "Camp Cup".   All four participated in what became one of the largest turn outs in Regatta history.


Camps Birchrock, Fernwood Cove, Wazyiathah, and Wigwam brought 16 boats with 26 sailors to compete.  Five boats from Keoka Lake competed for the Lazott award.  Due to the large number of boats, sailors, and supporters, the event was moved from Chadbourn's Beach to Keoka Beach Campground.

The wind was perfect for new and veteran sailors.  Seeing all those sails spread across the lake was a beautiful sight.  The young sailors brought lots of energy, friendly competition and good sportsmanship to the event.

Peter Leslie and John O'Brien worked very hard handicapping the boats so that a clear winner could be named.  It was very exciting at the end as a boats from Birchrock and Wigwam crossed the finish line very close together.  Though the Laser from Birchrock crossed first, the handicapping system awarded the first place finish to the Laser Bahia from Wigwam.  When the news was announced that Wigwam had won the Camp Cup a huge cheer went up from the Wigwam sailors in support of their team. The final results were First place Wigwam, Second Birchrock and third place also Birchrock.

The Bud Lazott Regatta first place results: Laser Class- Alan Struck, Open Class- Eliza and John D'Agostino. 


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